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Programmer, musician, father, and lover of Jesus. I have a strong passion to see people free from abuse and religion misused so that they can find the ultimate empowered life in Jesus.

What Do I Want From Our Government?

Politics is a subject I don’t often want to talk about, especially in the context of faith. It can easily derail the conversation because there is just so much heat and so many people with different perspectives. But here we … Continue reading

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Can Others Harm Us If We Have Faith?

Pastor Wade Burleson and I had quite a discussion recently on his blog over his article¬†15 Words And 15 Seconds That Save Any Marriage.¬†I’m sure those who know me are not surprised that I took issue with what he wrote. … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Believe Denying Male Headship Is Denying Scripture

This week in our small group at church we had a discussion about gender roles. Unsurprisingly, my view (that there should be no hierarchy on the basis of gender within a marriage) was not shared by the group. Going to … Continue reading

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Thoughts About SCOTUS Ruling On Gay Marriage

It seems everyone has something to say about the ruling on gay marriage. And I’ve debated whether or not I even want to say anything about it. I think I’ll probably anger people no matter what I say, and I … Continue reading

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To A Watching World . . .

With the rise of social media has come some interesting dynamics in the church. We’ve seen a greater number of mega pastors who now have access to a larger audience due to Twitter, Facebook, and all of the other digital … Continue reading

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Making The Gospel Look Scandalous

I haven’t felt the need to write a blog post in quite a while- several months, in fact. But some recent events in the evangelical church have compelled me to write again. The Village Church, pastored by leader of the … Continue reading

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Why I Believe The Evangelical Church Needs To Stop Listening To John Piper (And Those Like Him)

This post has a been a LONG time coming. Years, in fact. I’ve been concerned by John Piper with increasing alarm as I’ve greater understood exactly what he teaches and just how pervasive it is. He is one of the … Continue reading

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