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Nothing Less

Of the songs I’ve written, Nothing Less is one of my favorites. Musically it fits nicely into a rock style, and performing it with the electric guitar is a blast. On the recording, I played the electric and acoustic guitars, … Continue reading

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Whom Am I Allowed To Hate?

“Whom am I allowed to hate?” is such an awful question, yet I observe that it is the focus of so much energy for many in our present culture. And it is not necessarily a new question. During Jesus’ earthly … Continue reading

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No Me

If you’ve been to the Music area of this blog, you’ve probably seen the music video for the song “No Me”. The video was a project Jenny (who sang the lead vocals for the song) and I did with a … Continue reading

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Re-Launching Love Without Fear

So, here we are in 2022 and I’m re-launching my blog! Wait, what? “Re-launch?” Yeah . . . so, I did have this blog almost a decade ago, but I let it lag after I got married and became super … Continue reading

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