I am Jeff Sylvester, and this is a blog to share my music and thoughts with the world.

I originally started this blog in 2013, but life got busy and I stopped writing, both blogs AND music. In 2022, while I am still as busy as ever, I have been inspired and motivated to return to capturing my thoughts and writing music again, so I have relaunched the blog with the goal of sharing both. Much of the music hosted here was originally recorded/performed under the band name “Steady On”, but they are all songs I’ve written and still want to share with the world. I plan to write and record some new music under my own name as well.

Most of my music and writing revolves around my faith. I am a Christian based on my belief in Jesus Christ as the salvation of the world and my devotion to loving others and loving Him as he commanded us to do. Not all things that have been done in His name are things that represent my faith, but I imagine as I write more on this blog it will become clearer which beliefs I do and do not share with others.

This blog is called “Love Without Fear” because I believe the kind of love that Jesus has for us gives us the freedom to be honest and vulnerable. I am who I am because He has made me, and whatever mistakes I make along the way, He has grace to cover it. Thus, I will write my songs and thoughts in His grace, with the real hope that they might encourage others on a similar road to my own.

I cannot promise to be right, but I can promise to be honest, and that honesty is motivated by a love that is empowered by grace, not suppressed by fear.

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