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The Abuser’s Entitlement To Marriage

“You are not entitled to a happy marriage”. I heard and read some variation of these words countless times when I was going through my divorce. I’ll admit they caused me pause every time, and they still do. They are … Continue reading

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Merit vs. Worth

My post last week on “Worthiness” was a little controversial as I knew it would be. Underlying the discussion was questioning the idea that we cannot be “worthy” if we were dead in our sins and unable to earn salvation. … Continue reading

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My Struggle With Obediance

“I just needed to obey the Lord without understanding, and obedience is hard for me”: this is a not-unusual testimony heard at churches across the U.S. Whether it’s going to a foreign country, giving a donation, or making job change, … Continue reading

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Are We Worthy?

On the “Love Without Fear” FB page I recently linked a Ted Talk from Brene Brown about vulnerability. Her thesis is that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who are always trying to overcome their weaknesses and … Continue reading

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